The Larsen Geekery Store:
 Must-have Geekery for comics fans, pirates, Shakespearean players, steam punk adventurers, urban malcontents, or anyone who wants more good geek in their lives.

Outfitting you with original Geek Art, Geek Wear, Geek Accessories.
All your Geekery Gear is Here!

Etsy Store:  Art, Comics, Greeting Cards, Bags, Pouches, Etc. Featuring Evelyn's Handcrafted Masterpieces. Hand-Crafted Geekery Gear and Jay's Original Art and Comics.  CLICK HERE to shop at our Etsy Store.

Zazzle Store: T-Shirts, Mugs, Etc. Featuring Jay's Geekery Designs (Robots, Flying Monkeys, etc). CLICK HERE to shop for LarsenGeekery Gear on our Zazzle Store.

Need a custom fitting?  See our Custom Gear Page, or contact us:

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