Monday, December 2, 2013

Order Now for Optimum Holiday Geekiness

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Greeting Cards that Stand Out this Holiday Season

Everybody ready for the Holiday Tug of War?
You know the one: I want to genuinely celebrate the holidays, but I hate feeling all commercial.
No?  Well Never Mind then.

Anyway, LarsenGeekery has a slew of Greeting Cards for that hard to please Geek in your life. And even more cards for those easy to please Geeks in your life.
Some of them are even Holiday Themed, like this beauty.

So go to our Etsy Store and browse the Greeting Card Selection.  Pick out a few and order them.
Then you can relax into that Turkey and Eggnog induced "long winters nap" or run out in a shopping frenzy on Black Friday (which ever you prefer), confident that you at least have some great cards to share with friends and family.

If you need to place a large order: Contact Us.  We can help you out.

Don't see what you need: Contact Us. See the pattern yet?

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Monday, November 4, 2013

Welcome Jet City Veterans

The weather outside was frightful,
but inside the 2013 Jet City Comic Show everything and everybody was bright and cheery.
A record-setting crowd came to the Greater Tacoma Convention Center and took advantage of all the activities, fun and shopping at Jet City.
Jay and Evelyn had a fantastic show and we want to thank everybody who came out and had a great time.  So many families with there kids.  So many costumes.  So many long boxes.
So many vendors.  So many old friends and So many new friends.
We wish we had more time to browse and visit all the other amazing vendors and artists, but our booth was busy all day!
Thanks to everyone who made the show great!

2013 has been a memorable and fun show season for us.
We are already lining up shows for 2014 and hope to see you all again soon.

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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween from LarsenGeekery

Halloween, a perfect excuse to Geek Out and wear your favorite costume/outfit/fetish gear/whatever in public.  The whole world turns into a Con for one day.
Have fun.  Be safe.  Keep on Geekin!

Remember, you can wear that costume again on Saturday, Nov 2nd if you come to Jet City Comic Show in Tacoma.
Go the the website:
And check out the full list of programming.
LarsenGeekery will be in Booth 502.

See you at the Show.

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Jet City Comics Show Nov 2nd

Halloween is on Thursday, a favorite day of the year for people who like to wear costumes, and for people that like to see people in costume.
Lot's of people wore their costumes last weekend for parties and such.  Good for you!
But then the day after Halloween you have to put that costume you worked so hard on away and maybe never wear it again.
Well don't despair.
The Saturday after Halloween, November 2nd is Jet City Comic Show in Tacoma.

The Larsens will be there in Booth 502.  Just look for the LARSENGEEKERY banner.
What will Evelyn and Jay be dressed up as?  Well, you will have to come to the show to find out.
Wear your costume.  Enter the costume contest.  Have your picture taken with Heroes for Causes or the Star Wars 501st. Check out all the other peoples' costumes.  Buy incredible comic book stuff and Geek Gear from the terrific vendors and artists.  Meet famous authors.
There is a lot to see and do at this one-day show.
And it is only $8 bucks to get in.  You can afford to bring the whole family.
Veterans and Active-duty military can get free passes.

Go the the website:
And check out the full list of programming.

See you at the Show.

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Some GeekGirlCon'13 Pictures

Presenting the Larsen Family Adventures at GeekGirlCon'13.

Saw lots of old friends and a few bags and pouches from last year as well (that's quality).
Met tons of new friends.  Booth 304 was full of happy geeky people all weekened.
It was so much fun show our new art and gear to so many people.
Evelyn's bags flew off the rack.  And I couldn't keep the Doctor Who art in stock.
We handed out Golden Geekery Awards to everyone we could.
And you all shared your wonderful costumes and your incredible positive attitudes.
Our daughters, Chani and Siona, came and even helped out in the booth.
You guys are the reason why we make all our Geekery Gear.
Thanks for a fantastic show.

Oh, and the Staff at GeekGirlCon was excellent.
One of the best run shows on the West Coast.

If you saw something at the show you liked, take a look in our Etsy Store.
If you don't find it there (or if you have a question) shoot us a note.
Just click on the Contact Us Link at the top of the page.
And you can always find us on Facebook.

Our next show is November 2nd in Tacoma
November 2nd 2013, Jet City Comic Show 13 - Tacoma WA
Jet City is a fun one-day comic show and it only costs $8 to get in.
Neal Stephenson is going to be there, plus lots of artists and vendors.

Keep on Geekin'
-- Jay and the whole Larsen Family.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hey Toto, Welcome Back to Kansas

GeekGirlCon was so phenomenal, that it is hard to transition back to "normal" life.
Everyone at GGC were sooooo friendly and fun.  But in the "real world" people seem grumpy.
People look at you funny if you ask them what character they are cos-playing at the grocery store.
So I'd rather live in Geek World all the time.  There is a much higher percentage chance of meeting interesting people there.

The entire LarsenGeekery Family had a fantastic time and met so many incredible people.
We will try to get a more comprehensive and comprehendable post up here in the next day or so.
But we just want to say, Thank You Geeks for making GeekGirlCon Amazing!  And thanks to everybody that stopped by our Booth.

More later...

In the meantime, Sign Up for our LarsenGeekery Mailing List.
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-- Lazy Jay

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

GeekGirlCon 13 is Right Around the Corner

Our next show is right around the corner
October 19 & 20th 2013, GeekGirlCon 13 - Seattle WA

GeekGirlCon is an amazing show for guys and gals with a focus on all things Geek from the point of view of girls and women.
Evelyn and I attended the very first GeekGirlCon two years ago and made up our minds to show at the very next one.  Last year's show was the highlight of our Show Schedule.  We had a blast and met so many fun and interesting people.  We made friends with people we can't imagine living without.

So we are very excited about sharing our interests and wares with GeekGirlCon again this year.
The studio has been a busy, busy place as we have been finishing up gear to bring to the show.

In addition to the two full days of programming, events, shopping and socializing that is the GeekGirlCon main event, there are also extra events, parties, concerts, etc.  So check out the GeekGirlCon website, reserve some tickets while they are still available, and look at all the great guests and events.  Bring your kids, it is an all ages show.

LarsenGeekery will see you there in Booth 304

Monday, October 14, 2013

Bellingham Comicon 13 was a Fantastic Show

We had a fantastic time at the Bellingham Comicon last Saturday, Oct 12th.
The crowd was fun and energetic.  Lots of families and lots and lots of costumes.
We were so busy all day we didn't have time to take many pictures.
But we had a great time meeting people and sharing our gear.
Evelyn showed off her new line of super hero skirts.
I had some new watercolor prints and new greeting card designs.
Got to draw a few commission sketches.
And Evelyn showed people that her TARDIS bags really are bigger on the inside.

A Golden Geekery Award goes to Eric and all the volunteers that made this a fun, well run show.
We are already looking forward to going back next year.
There are some great pictures on the Bellingham Herald website: CLICK

Now it is on to
October 19 & 20th 2013, GeekGirlCon 13 - Seattle WA
November 2nd 2013, Jet City Comic Show 13 - Tacoma WA

Thanks again everybody at Bellingham Comicon.
 -- Jay Larsen

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

No Time Machine Needed

You don't need a time machine to geek out with us at some great geek shows.
You just have to go to Bellingham this Saturday,
Or Seattle the weekend after next.
Or to Tacoma...
You get the idea, Here is our Show Schedule:
October 12th 2013, Bellingham ComiCon 13 - Bellingham WA
October 19 & 20th 2013, GeekGirlCon 13 - Seattle WA
November 2nd 2013, Jet City Comic Show 13 - Tacoma WA

But if you want a TARDIS Greeting Card, you don't have to go to a show
(although I highly recommend it).  You can get one from our Etsy Shop as well.

I've got a bunch of new art work, prints, cards even some original art to share with you.
Evelyn has her great purses and bags as well as patches you can put on your own gear.
And we have some fun new magnets, Geek key chains and necklaces, and lots more.
So, come and see us at a show.
 -- Jay

Monday, October 7, 2013

A Nice Shout Out from GeekGirlCon

Hey, GeekGirlCon '13 happens in less than 2 weeks, October 19 & 20 in Seattle.
They gave LarsenGeekery a nice shout out in their blog post talking about indie comics at the show:

Want to meet one of the coolest couples of all time during your nerdtastic weekend? Seek out Lady Evelyn and Lazy Jay, the hearts and minds behind Larsen Geekery! They’re makers of bright, snappy comics available both in book form and on clothes and bags—think Wonder Woman greeting cards, TARDIS purses, and original comics about dinosaurs in space. Not only will you want all of their artwork to adorn your everything, but you’ll want to throw a tea party with these artists as your guests of honor.
 Ahhh, isn't that sweet?  And completely true!

You can get Jay's comics (by clicking HERE) even if you can't go to the show.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Quit Glaring Doom, We Can Do This!

Doom Button says there are too many shows for us to do successfully.
But Strange Button gives me hope.

Bellingham ComiCon in 1 week.
GeekGirlCon in 2 weeks.
Jet City Comic Show in 4 weeks.
Plus Secret Identities to maintain.

Time to get Super Geeky!
We got Shows to do!

October 12th 2013, Bellingham ComiCon 13 - Bellingham WA
October 19 & 20th 2013, GeekGirlCon 13 - Seattle WA
November 2nd 2013, Jet City Comic Show 13 - Tacoma WA

Monday, September 30, 2013

Lots of Geeky Good Shows to Go To...

Get out there and get involved.
There are lots of great shows to go to.
Especially if you live in the Pacific Northwest.

LarsenGeekery's Upcoming Show Schedule:
October 12th 2013, Bellingham ComiCon 13 - Bellingham WA
October 19 & 20th 2013, GeekGirlCon 13 - Seattle WA
November 2nd 2013, Jet City Comic Show 13 - Tacoma WA

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Rose City is a week away. What to Pack?

September 21 & 22 2013, Rose City ComicCon 13 - Portland OR
Don't worry, we will be packing all our Geekiest Geekery Gear.
See you in Portland!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Rose City Booth 1008

Don't forget, Rose City ComicCon is just around the corner, September 21 & 22, 2013 in Portland Oregon.  Go get your tickets.  The guest list looks fabulous.
LarsenGeekery will be there in Booth 1008.  Looks like we have some great neighbors.
Stop by and say hello.
Jay will have a limited number of Original Watercolors for Sale and lots of Prints and Greeting Cards.
We have custom made Magnets and Geek Key Chains as well.
Evelyn has some great Patches and her handmade Pouches and Bags, and other goodies.

See you at the show.

Other upcoming shows include:
September 21 & 22 2013, Rose City ComicCon 13 - Portland OR
October 12th 2013, Bellingham ComiCon 13 - Bellingham WA
October 19 & 20th 2013, GeekGirlCon 13 - Seattle WA
November 2nd 2013, Jet City Comic Show 13 - Tacoma WA

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

New Goodies for Show Season

Cheer up Geeks!
If you live in the Pacific Northwest there are lots of great events coming up soon.
LarsenGeekery has new goodies for you.
You can get them at one of our shows (See the Show Schedule).
Or you can get some of them at our online shop.

First off, we have some lovely new Greeting Cards.  They are reproductions of a series of watercolor paintings I've been working on called Mask Variations.  You can purchase the whole series or get individual cards.

You will also want to reward the great Geeks in your life with the new Golden Geekery Award.
And then we have some incredible laser-cut Geek pendants which can be configured as a killer key chain, a fabulous phone fob, or nerdy necklace.  Godzilla says Get One at the Shows, because we haven't decided whether to put them online or not.  (Actually Godzilla said, "WrrrrrRRRRRaAAkKKK!"  but you know what he means.)  Get Your Geek On!
So, like Godzilla said, you've got lots of great reasons to come see us at a show or online.
See you soon,

September 21 & 22 2013, Rose City ComicCon 13 - Portland OR
October 12th 2013, Bellingham ComiCon 13 - Bellingham WA
October 19 & 20th 2013, GeekGirlCon 13 - Seattle WA
November 2nd 2013, Jet City Comic Show 13 - Tacoma WA

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

LarsenGeekery to appear at Emerald City Comicon 2014

Big Announcement: LarsenGeekery will be showing at Seattle's biggest and best comic book show:
Emerald City Comicon March 28--30th, 2014.

We are pretty excited!  Hope to see you there.

Don't forget, you can see all our Shows on the Shows Page.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Great Geeky Shows Coming Up Fast!

LarsenGeekery is going to be at some of the Geekiest and Bestest Shows the Pacific North West has to offer.  You should go get your tickets to these great shows now, because many of them are sold out the day of the event.

September 21 & 22 2013, Rose City ComicCon 13 - Portland OR
October 12th 2013, Bellingham ComiCon 13 - Bellingham WA
November 2nd 2013, Jet City Comic Show 13 - Tacoma WA
October 19 & 20th 2013, GeekGirlCon 13 - Seattle WA

We will be bringing our Geek Art, Comics, Card, Bags, and other Geekery Gear to each and every one of these fabulous events.  In fact, we are busy getting things ready right now!
Join us... You will be glad you did.

And if you can't, visit our Online Store--It's always open.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Endless Possibilities

Human beings have an endless capacity for expression.  What is your art form?  How do you express it?  What effect does it have on you and those you share it with?
There are sooooo many things to be enthusiastic and up-beat about, why do we spend so much time freaking out and being down?

Oh, and Jet City tickets are on sale now.  November is not that far away....

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Pip, Pip and Cheerio. Geekery is now Oxford English.

This just in from NPR the word Geekery has been added to the Oxford English Dictionary.

Along with some other minor additions like "crowd-sourcing" and "Tweet", whatever that is.
Three Cheers for Geekery, old chaps!

Monday, June 17, 2013

The Geekery Art Adventures of Don Carlos

Ole, I say!
I recently created a poster for Matthew C. Weiss' Internet Opera Project,
The Adventures of Don Carlos.
He wanted cheesy old time western in Spanish California with a musical theme.
Well at least the art is the color of cheese! 8-)
Matt's project is just getting started, so go check it out as it grows.
I hear there will be music and everything.
Viva Don Carlos, the cheesiest music teacher in the West!
-- Jay Larsen

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fathers Day is on its way.

It doesn't take a Sub-Genius to realize that Fathers Day is on its way.
Click on over to the LarsenGeekery Store and get Dad some Geeky Gifts.

Meanwhile, we have our daughter Chani's graduation to attend.
Congratulations Chani!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

MisCon 27 was an incredible show.

The whole Larsen Clan went to Missoula Montana for MisCon 27 last weekend.
4 days of Con and 2 days of travel.
We got home tired.  But our brains and hearts were full of lots of cool information, fun, and friendship.  The guest list was amazing.  Go to the MisCon web site to see all the names.
Evelyn was especially excited to meet Patricia Briggs (who writes Mercy Thompson) and Diana Pharaoh Francis.  I was happy to meet CJ Cherryh, whose books I have been reading for almost 30 years, and her friend Jane Fancher.
Siona took part in the writers workshops and got some great advice from MH Bonham of Sky Warrior Books.
Chani learned a lot about film making from Taryn Hough, whose film Electro-Cute won the MisCon Film Festival!
We discovered new talents and new friends.
We will definitely be back again, and if you have a chance to go to a MisCon, you should.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Just Back from Missoula

We just got back from a fabulous MisCon 4-day extravaganza in Missoula, Montana.
I will post a better post con post, with pictures, as soon as I get an extra 15 minutes.
Let it be known that the Larsens had a great time.  Met some of our favorite authors.  Met great artists, movie makers, editors and publishers.  Made new friends and added a must-attend Con to our schedule.

If we met you at MisCon, welcome to LarsenGeekery!  Drop us a note.  We are also on Facebook.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Go West Young Geeks!

Actually, we are headed East.  Seattle is about as far West as you can go.
But the Larsen Geeks are off to Missoula Montana for MisCon.  Montana's biggest Science Fiction Convention.  We are even taking the dogs.  It's a dog friendly show!  We won't be vending, just geeking out with the rest of the SciFi fans.  So if you are in Missoula this weekend, we will see you there.

Remember, if you can't make it to a show to see us, you can always get great LarsenGeekery Art, Comics, and Gear at our online store.  CLICK HERE for GEEKERY GEAR.  The Internet is standing by to take your order...

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thanks Bellingham...On to Missoula

Pacific NerdWest in Bellingham last week was an interesting Geekfest.
We met Neil Grayston, Fargo from Eureka, and the Gang from Hey Ash Wacha Playin?
and lots and lots of other geeky cool people.
Oh, yeah!  And Evelyn was in a fashion show!

And next week the Larsen Geeks are off to Missoula Montana for MisCon.  Montana's biggest Science Fiction Convention.

Remember, if you can't make it to a show to see us, you can always get great LarsenGeekery Art, Comics, and Gear at our online store.  CLICK HERE for GEEKERY GEAR.  The Internet is always open...

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pacific NerdWest is in Bellingham, WA May 11 & 12

Pacific NerdWest will be taking place in Bellingham, WA May 11 & 12, 2013.

LarsenGeekery will be there all weekend in the Leopold Crystal Ballroom.
In fact, we will be vending in the poll position, right as you enter the ballroom.
Look for the LarsenGeekery banner.  We will be right in front of you, next to Tinplate Studios (always a good vending neighbor).

We will have art, comics, greeting cards, buttons, bags, purses, costume accessories, you name it.
Come by, say hi.  Make Jay draw something.  Then go see the other great vendors and artists who will be at the show.  COMPLETE LIST
If you buy your tickets now online, you can save $5.

In addition to the Vendors and Artist, there will be a Charity Auction, LARPing, Nerf Wars, Neil Grayston (Fargo from Eureka), Panels, Games, Games, and Games.

Join Us: Pacific NerdWest in Bellingham, WA May 11 & 12, 2013.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Free Comic Book Day Offer

LarsenGeekery has an Etsy Store, full of great gear: Cards, Prints, Bags, and Comics.
And Saturday, May 4th 2013 (May the Forth Be With You...) is Free Comic Book Day.
You can visit your local comic book shop Saturday and pick up some free comic books.
Pretty cool!

Well, LarsenGeekery is doing its part to celebrate Free Comic Book Day.
Just visit our Etsy Store, pick out something you like, and order it before end of day Saturday, May 4th 2013 (Pacific Time), and we will include a Free Comic Book along with your order!

Go Visit Our Etsy Store Now!  Get a Free Comic Book!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Looking Forward (and back) to Iron Man 3

Looking Forward to Iron Man 3 this weekend

I have not seen the new Iron Man 3 movie yet, but I have my tickets to see it on Friday.
I’m excited and hoping it is a good movie.  Iron Man 1 was great, 2 was okay.  I’m hoping this one is a at least good.

Iron Man has always been one of my favorites ever since I was a kid of 7 and 8.
When I first started trading empty bottles for nickels and dimes and dimes for comic books, my favorites were Batman, Captain America and Iron Man. 

Batman in those days was a silly detective and the books would give you clues and you would try to solve the crime before Batman and Robin did.  Batman was fun in those days, not the psychologically burdened Dark Knight that he became later.  I liked Batman, everybody did.  He had a TV show and was super famous.

Captain America was pretty well known as well.  But Iron Man seemed to be somebody only I was reading about.  None of my friends knew Iron Man.  He had no TV show.  In my circle of friends and family, I was the only one buying and reading stories about Tony Stark and his crazy technological inventions.  Tony wasn’t a drunk or a psychological mess in those days either—he was a respected business man with a suit and tie with a secret identity and secret skills the people around him did not know about.  As a young Mormon kid, that was how I felt.  I had to be proper and wear a tie, but secretly I wanted to do things and learn things I wasn’t supposed to be doing and learning.  I dreamed about building a secret lab with secret planes and rockets and robots and stuff.  But mostly my secret life was filled with comics and books from the library full of stories I wasn’t supposed to be reading.

I also learned how to draw by copying the pictures in those comics.  Then I would put my own dialog on the pictures.  I’m still kind of doing that these days.

Later, as I got older, I started realizing that Iron Man’s armor was kind of a metaphor for all our technology.  I learned that no matter how we wrap ourselves in metal cars and planes and extend our senses with TV and satellites, that we are still biological animals with limitations and issues that cannot be solved with technology, that we are still scared little monkeys no matter how cool our toys and how powerful our inventions.  Tony Stark showed me a lot of that, and it has remained true even as I have learned a lot more than what could be slipped into a comic book.

Iron Man comics have been all over the map from horribly bad, to corny, to incredible (I’m looking at you Matt Fraction).  But even at their worst, they are always enjoyable.  I’m hoping this movie will be an addition to the “Incredible Iron Man” list.  But even if it is corny, I will still enjoy it.

See you at the movies.  And then let’s go save the world!
-- Jay
Don't forget, Next Week is our next show:
May 11 &12th 2013, Pacific NerdWest 13 - Bellingham WA
Games, Art, Vendors (including LarsenGeekery), and I hear Fargo from Eureka is going to be there!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Consume Wisely, It's Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day from Nebulus the Hungry, Baron Von Domino and the whole LarsenGeekery Gang!  Consume wisely.

Larsen Geekery's next show is May 11 &12th 2013, Pacific NerdWest 13 - Bellingham WA

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Some Dinosaurs Don't Know When to Quit!

Larsen Geekery's next show is May 11 &12th 2013, Pacific NerdWest 13 - Bellingham WA
A great opportunity to pick up some art.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Button, Button, We've got the Buttons

We have been making Geekery Button Sets for sale at shows.
5 original designs for $4.00
Think we should put them on the Etsy Store?
Would you buy a set of Geekery Buttons?

Our next show is May 10 &12th 2013, Pacific NerdWest 13 - Bellingham WA

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Robots are Taking Over, and That's OK

The Robots are taking over here at LarsenGeekery, and we are OK with that!
My latest piece is called, The Battle in Seattle.  And it depicts that famous retro futuristic robot battle that stressed Seattle to the limits in that Historical Future that hasn't happened yet, but should.

Robots everywhere!  Cool...

Sunday, March 10, 2013

When the World is Running Down...

You make the best of what's still around.

Stop Freaking Out!  And Start Geeking Out!
LarsenGeekery is here to help.
We are busy making things for customers, friends and upcoming shows.
Now would be the perfect time to visit our Online Shop and get some Geekery Gear.
Resist the mediocrity of mass culture.  And Upcycle Your Life into something Great!
-- Jay 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

ECCC 13 Mashup

Here is the Emerald City Comicon 2013, in comic form, at least as we experienced it:
Your experience of ECCC may have varied.

Evelyn and I had a fantastic time.
We dressed up as Doctor Strange and the Scarlet Witch.
We met lots of great comics people.  Saw tons of vendors we know and love.
Bought way, way too much stuff.  (Can you have too many comics??)
The show sold out all 3 days.
I heard people say there were 20,000 people there.  I think I bumped into at least 10,000 of them.  Sorry about that.
May put up some more personal pictures later, or on Facebook.
So much Geeky energy gives me all sorts of Geeky ideas.
Got to get to work.
Thanks to everybody who worked so hard to put on the show, to show things at the show, to attend the show.  It really is a very friendly group of people.
ECCC 2013 was a Huge Success!
 -- Jay