Sunday, January 12, 2014

Art is not a Science, but Science can be Art

Just a friendly reminder for our friends, and if you are reading this page you qualify, that
Jay Makes Geeky Good Paintings, and
You Can Own The Originals.
But you've got to be fast, because there is only one original of each piece.

Check out the Original Art Tab at the top of this page to see new paintings.
And then visit the LarsenGeekery Etsy Store and click Original Art to see paintings that are still available for purchase.

I hope you will enjoy owning fine Geekery Art as much as I enjoy creating it.
If you purchase an original painting, rest assured you will be receiving a quality work of art hand crafted with care and enthusiasm.  These are not mass produced copies made by a machine, but the ultimate in Geekery, original art.  And you will be helping to support a living artist during the period of time that he needs that support the most--while he's still alive!

For example, please enjoy "Science Corp" by Jay Larsen

Title: Science Corp
Description: Prepare to be blinded by science! This retro scifi geek is ready to go where no man has gone before.
Format: Watercolor 16"x12"h 300lb paper
Available: Yes, on Etsy--Buy Now!

If you have any questions about Jay's art, please feel to Contact Us.

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