Tuesday, March 24, 2015

As little as $5 can change the life of a Retro Robot forever...

You won't believe how much $5 can mean to a Retro Robot.

With all the new fangled digital computers and AI dominating the modern robotics industry, many classic and retro robots have fallen on hard times.  These robots just want to be useful again, but they need your help.  You can make a lasting change in the life of a retro robot by providing funds for the necessities of robot life: paint, gear oil, and basic programming.  You can provide all of this for less than the cost of an overly-complex coffee or a trendy microbrew.  Help improve the life of a retro robot today by supporting LarsenGeekery.
Robots like RoboTow (pictured above) or dozens of other classic robots need your help today.  And you can give to Retro Robot Support at multiple levels and receive heart-warming gifts:
Show your support for Classic Retro Robots by displaying your gifts proudly.  And remember every little bit helps a Retro Robot become a useful and vital part of society again.

Save a Robot!  Buy Some Art! 

Don't forget
March 27-29th, 2015, we're at EmeraldCityComiccon 15 - Seattle WA, table Q-4
You can Rescue some Robots in Person and see the difference your support makes in the life of a Retro Robot.

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