Friday, April 10, 2015

Every Drop of Oil is Precious to a Retro Robot

Help Blue launch space shuttles again, for just $5 or experience the guilt only the sad eyes of a Robt can induce...Is it working?
Trying to move rusty old joints and bearings without lubricating oil can mean crippling pain, or worse, for a forgotten Retro Robot.  But you can help these classic science fiction creations move freely, so they can become meaningful members of society again.  And all it takes is pennies a day.
Show your support and feel the warmth that only comes from watching the twinkle in the visual receptors of a Retro Robot as he/she is able to man a communications panel, or drive a cargo loader, or any number of useful tasks.
Having useful tasks to do keeps these Retro Robots from falling into the Dark Underworld of Evil Geniuses and Mad Scientists who promise unlimited power and oil, but just end up corrupting the programming of these otherwise gentle robotic creatures.

You can give to Retro Robot Support at multiple levels and receive heart-warming gifts (Click on the Gift that interests you):

Show your support for Classic Retro Robots by displaying your gifts proudly.  And remember every little bit helps a Retro Robot become a useful and vital part of society again.

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