Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The journey of a thousand Robots

"The journey of a thousand Robots begins with a single Sketch."  

Some famous Zen Master said that, I'm sure.  No?  OK, maybe I said that.
Robots have become a big part of my life, and it all kind of started with that one sketch.  Evelyn wanted to sell some of her Geeky corsets and clothes and bags and stuff online and asked me to draw some silly cartoons of things that could say "GEEK!"  One of the first things I drew was the little Robot guy above.
I liked the little guy.  Pretty soon, I was drawing and painting more than I had in years and Robots kept jumping into my images.  Now I have drawn and painted tons of Robots (not a thousand yet, but it is a journey...), and I have taken over the website and the live shows.  It has been a genuine Robot Invasion.  And I am grateful to Evelyn that she has allowed the Invasion to take over LarsenGeekery as much as it has.  She is still making fantastic stuff, by the way.
Now if I can only find a Counting Robot to tally up how many Robots I have actually drawn and painted so far.
-- Jay Larsen,
    LarsenGeekery Labs
Don't forget: May 16, 2015, Bellingham Brick and Toy Fair, Ferndale Events Center, Bellingham, WA
Organised by the same fine folks that bring us the  Bellingham ComiCon  every year, the Brick and Toy Fair focuses on Geeky toys like Lego, Robots and more.  The Larsen's will be there with all the Geeky Goodness.

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