Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Supreme Costuming

Hey, check out the incredible Doctor Strange costume I'll be wearing at Emerald City Comicon this weekend! By the Sibilant Spires of Seattle's Space Needle, there will be a Sorcerer Supreme at the Show!
Evelyn made the whole thing for me, using her Custom Gear skills.  And it looks great.
I added a little Photoshop Magic to the mix just to show off how cool the outfit is.
I hear Evelyn has a Scarlet Witch outfit in the works, so we should make a very mystical couple at the ECCC this year.

Evelyn has a few other Custom Outfits in the works for some lucky Geekery customers.  But I will leave it up to them how much or how little they want to show off here on the website.
You can get Custom Gear as well.  Just drop Evelyn a note and tell her what you have in mind.

See you at the show,
Jay "Sorcerer Supreme" Larsen

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