Monday, October 14, 2013

Bellingham Comicon 13 was a Fantastic Show

We had a fantastic time at the Bellingham Comicon last Saturday, Oct 12th.
The crowd was fun and energetic.  Lots of families and lots and lots of costumes.
We were so busy all day we didn't have time to take many pictures.
But we had a great time meeting people and sharing our gear.
Evelyn showed off her new line of super hero skirts.
I had some new watercolor prints and new greeting card designs.
Got to draw a few commission sketches.
And Evelyn showed people that her TARDIS bags really are bigger on the inside.

A Golden Geekery Award goes to Eric and all the volunteers that made this a fun, well run show.
We are already looking forward to going back next year.
There are some great pictures on the Bellingham Herald website: CLICK

Now it is on to
October 19 & 20th 2013, GeekGirlCon 13 - Seattle WA
November 2nd 2013, Jet City Comic Show 13 - Tacoma WA

Thanks again everybody at Bellingham Comicon.
 -- Jay Larsen

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