Wednesday, October 9, 2013

No Time Machine Needed

You don't need a time machine to geek out with us at some great geek shows.
You just have to go to Bellingham this Saturday,
Or Seattle the weekend after next.
Or to Tacoma...
You get the idea, Here is our Show Schedule:
October 12th 2013, Bellingham ComiCon 13 - Bellingham WA
October 19 & 20th 2013, GeekGirlCon 13 - Seattle WA
November 2nd 2013, Jet City Comic Show 13 - Tacoma WA

But if you want a TARDIS Greeting Card, you don't have to go to a show
(although I highly recommend it).  You can get one from our Etsy Shop as well.

I've got a bunch of new art work, prints, cards even some original art to share with you.
Evelyn has her great purses and bags as well as patches you can put on your own gear.
And we have some fun new magnets, Geek key chains and necklaces, and lots more.
So, come and see us at a show.
 -- Jay

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