Monday, November 18, 2013

Greeting Cards that Stand Out this Holiday Season

Everybody ready for the Holiday Tug of War?
You know the one: I want to genuinely celebrate the holidays, but I hate feeling all commercial.
No?  Well Never Mind then.

Anyway, LarsenGeekery has a slew of Greeting Cards for that hard to please Geek in your life. And even more cards for those easy to please Geeks in your life.
Some of them are even Holiday Themed, like this beauty.

So go to our Etsy Store and browse the Greeting Card Selection.  Pick out a few and order them.
Then you can relax into that Turkey and Eggnog induced "long winters nap" or run out in a shopping frenzy on Black Friday (which ever you prefer), confident that you at least have some great cards to share with friends and family.

If you need to place a large order: Contact Us.  We can help you out.

Don't see what you need: Contact Us. See the pattern yet?

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