Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Lucky for You, He Eats Bamboo! Now Available

Lucky for you, Jay's latest watercolor painting is available on Etsy--CLICK NOW.
It's a beauty and tells a tale of fairy warriors and good natured pandas.
There is only one original, but Lucky for You there are lots of greeting cards.
They are smaller than the Giant Panda original.
And they won't impress nearly as much as hanging a LarsenGeekery original on your walls.
But they are easier to pop into the mail.

Go get a Card or two!

There are lots of Cards, Original Art, Posters, Bags and more, all on the LarsenGeekery Etsy Store.

And don't forget:
Come See us March 28-30th 2014, Emerald City Comicon 14 - Seattle WA
We will be in Artist Alley with lots of great stuff (lots of stuff not available online).

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