Friday, August 3, 2012

8 = Countdown Current Condition

The mini countdown continues.
8 Days to go until  GeekGirlCon '12.
And this 5x7 mini will be waiting in Booth 307,  The Official Booth of Human Equality and Robot Superiority: LarsenGeekery.
Fear not, Humans, there will be more than Jay's Artwork at the Geekery Booth.
Evelyn has been producing fine hand-crafted items, especially bags of various kinds to carry Jay's comics and artwork home in.
The Samurai Back Packs want the Skirts to quit flirting and cultivate some discipline.
The World Map Purse wants to travel.
The Cosmic Bag has just been spacing out.
The Dice Bags have been...well, kind of dicey...
And the TARDIS Bags are threatening to demonstrate what happens when you park one TARDIS inside another TARDIS if we don't give them the coordinates for the GeekGirlShow so they can go there NOW!
But I just keep tagging them and putting them into boxes, so that muffles their complaints some what.

Come meet them all and adopt a few at the Show, August 11th & 12th in Seattle.
See you there,

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