Wednesday, August 1, 2012

T-Minus 10 Days Till Con...

It's the first day of August, and....
Only 10 Days until GeekGirlCon '12.
And this dark 5x7 mini will be waiting in Booth 307, otherwise known as The LarsenGeekery Cave.

Also, on a different Bat Channel (same Batty creator), there is a new Super Ordinary Living Episode based on this mini waiting for you to explore its Stygian depths.... CLICK HERE for The Darkness!

Evelyn's sewing machine has been running over time.  There are bags that are bigger on the inside than they are on the outside.  There are pouches and bustles and skirts and shirts.... There is a lot of stuff.  Hopefully we can squeeze it all into one booth.  And hopefully the booth will be empty by the end of the show.
August 11th & 12th.

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