Saturday, March 24, 2012

Exclusive Geekery Mini Comic

By Lazy Jay

I have created a mini comic exclusively for LarsenGeekery, "Real Geeks Know".
We're going to hand them out at events and include them with purchases of product.
So if you want one, meet us at an event or purchase a product (hint, hint).

In my opinion, reading comics online is not as cool as holding them in your hands, but in the Geek spirit of sharing here is the electronic version.  The only mini comic I know of with robots, flying monkeys and Spock's brain!  (Psst: Click on "Read More >>" below to see the rest of the pages.  And you can click on the individual pictures to see larger versions!)

"Real Geeks Know" mini comic by Jay Larsen (c) 2012
That's the black & white electronic version.
The print edition is in color (one color at a time) and through a miracle or origami can be printed on one sheet of paper and still make an 8 page comic.
Let me know what you think...

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