Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Geek Manifesto

A Geek Manifesto

Lots of things in the world suck.  There is no way around it.  War, hunger, disease, politics, the size of your cell phone bill, etc, etc, etc… That list could go on forever.  And everyone of us is completely capable of adding on a very personal list of things that suck in our lives: my parents, my car, my boss, etc, etc, etc…  It is easy to freak out about the crappy stuff in life.  It is easy to complain.  But that negative response seldom fixes anything does it?  I’ve tried it, it doesn’t work for me.  You can’t fix the crappy things in the world by focusing on the crappy things in the world.  It just brings you down and it brings the people around you down.  So what do we do?

Enter the GEEK!  Being a “geek” means you are really into something, you like it.  Heck, you don’t like it, YOU LOVE IT!  Doesn’t matter what the thing is you geek out about is, Star Trek, comic books, Doctor Who, Sewing, Painting, etc.—If you are Geeking Out about something it is a positive statement: “Hey, I really like this thing!”  There is nothing negative in a Geek Attitude.  Geek says: “This thing brings joy and wonder into my life!  Want to share?” 

What could be more beautiful than that?

So the Larsens are here to Geek Out about all things Geekery!

We want to share what we find to be beautiful, wonderful, fun, and worthy of praise.
We want to know what you find to Geek Out about.
Let Us Geeks Geek Out Together About All Things Geeky!

And don’t worry if you unique combination of Geekery doesn’t seem like it fits into a “normal” lifestyle.  Real Geekery means liking what you like, without bashfulness or shame.  I read about a study of iPod contents: Everyone told the researcher that they had a really eccentric collection of music, weird combinations like Jazz and Punk, or Country and Rap.  The thing is the researcher found out that everybody had these weird and wild combinations of music on their MP3 players, everybody.  The real oddballs were the people who only listened to one kind of music.  So don’t be concerned if your love of Steampunk doesn’t mesh nicely with your love of Star Wars.  You like what you like.
Geek Out about the things you love!  Share that Geekery with those around you!  And the world becomes a much more positive place!  Geekery, it doesn’t change the world, but it changes how you experience it.

And that is the Larsen Geekery Manifesto!

Jay & Evelyn Larsen

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