Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Positively Geeky

by Lady Evelyn

These past few weeks in Geekery central time went by fast. I have been in the sewing room organizing my supplies, designing new products and received a few special orders. I have completed construction on two of the three steeple jacks or ‘man pants’ for the Emerald City ComicCon event. As well as a clip on pouch which you can attach to a shoulder strap, belt loops… or bustle?

That’s right; this cloth bag has two lobster claw snap-clips that are great for hanging from any convenient location. But in this case, I have a matching bustle to go with it. The pleating especially on this bustle came out really nice. I decided to give the pleating points for a bit of an interesting stylish flair.

Inspired a little from Xena: Warrior Princess and a little by Wonder Woman.

I created a prototype of the belt loop pouch, while thinking of an alternative to the old style fanny pack. This pouch is a hip, modern and positively geeky substitute to the bulky ‘granny fanny’ pack. The prototype was made out of the same material as a bodice I made for my daughter’s eighteenth birthday, which she conveniently can’t find (Siona’s addendum: I’m working on it!)

There are inside pockets on the pouch for various little items you might want to keep a hold of: pens, keys, etc. My husband, Jay, also suggested the stylish clear front pocket. Have to have a place to put your Con pass after all, right?  This way the pass doesn’t ruin the style of your outfit. The lining is made out of cotton and those are some sturdy snaps.

All in all, I’m quite proud of this design and have received many compliments. I’m really looking forward to wearing this ensemble to the ECCC. Just 10 more days, I can’t wait.  Now everybody go geek out on something fun.

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